So I just read and posted this quote on Facebook: “You are remembered for the rules you break.”-
Douglas MacArthur.

Well I just had to say that I so agree with this quote.  You should live your life coloring outside the lines.  Finding new and better ways to do things.  Don’t just take someones word that “that’s the way it’s always been done”… well so what… that doesn’t make it the only way it can be done.  Adapt, change, grow, or become extinct.  And stay open-minded to others that are breaking the rules and coloring outside the lines… Do you think all the great leaders, inventors, artist and writers were following someone else’s rules when they became what we remember them for today?….

I am not a clone… you are not a clone.  Let’s rock our individuality and break the rules and color the whole damn place any color we like.

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Book review: Pencils Make Good Darts by Dan Balman

Pencils Make Good Darts



This book is a collection of 19 non-fiction short stories. It is a very quick read, only a little over 100 pages in length. There are only a few of these stories worth mentioning: Whale met again, Hairs the problem, and Staring at the sun. These first two stories of the book were hilarious, middle-aged humor, that had me hoping the whole book would be more of the same but unfortunately these, in my opinion are the best stories and the others are a bit lacking.  Whale met again is about the authors battle with the septic tank and it brought tears to my eyes it was so funny. Staring at the sun, while not in the same category as these first two, was still a very enjoyable story about raising an adolescent girl.

This e-book was free from Amazon.  I would be interested in reading something else from this author.


New wordpress app for Fire

The new WordPress app for android devices available in the app store works great for the Kindle Fire.  I was able to put both of my sites in and I’m able to write this post.  So far it looks like it is much easier than doing it through the site on the Fire, which is how I did it before.
When posting through the site page I would run out of room in the writing box, the text would run past the view box.  I was unable to edit because I could no longer see the text I was typing.  It was frustrating at times and I had to wait unit I got back to my desktop to finish my post. The view box on this app for WordPress is huge and when you move to the bottom it cycles just like a word program.
Putting in a picture or video is quick and easy.  The link is simple and it lets you grab your pics from your Fire and pop them into your post for others to enjoy.
Putting a link in works the same way and is just as simple.
The read part of the app is really neat. It puts all of the wonderful blogs I follow onto one page a lot like Pulse. I’m really digging it.
If you have a Fire and WordPress, get the app they work great together.

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Book review: Shot of Tequila by J. A. Konrath

Shot of Tequila

Shot of Tequila is the novel where Jack Daniels the Chicago detective makes her first appearance but she is not the star of this book.  This one is all about Tequila. Not giving anything away, he makes choices in his life based on the fact that he has to care of his older handicapped sister so he does a tour for the Olympics and then to make the money he needs to send her to school he agrees to work for the “outfit.”  Tequila is a trained fighter and gymnast and he is wrongfully accused of stealing millions of dollars from the outfit and must fight his was out of many situations.

This book lacked the humor that I’ve seen in the other Konrath pieces I’ve read but it was packed full of action.   I would say it was a good read and according to Konrath this is book one in the Jack Daniels series.  I’ve heard very good things about this series and I’m very interested in seeing what happens to the detective in the next book.

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I don’t like it

My parents are getting older and I don’t like it.  I didn’t realize how scary it was going to be when it happened to me.  My father had a scheduled triple bypass that turned into a quadrupedal bypass in December and then just as my father gets back on his feet my mother falls and breaks her hip a couple of weeks ago.  I’m just not ready for their decline.  I was the baby and they had me late in life so they are older, 70 and 72 respectively and I am 33.  I haven’t known them long enough as an adult yet for this to be happening.  I’ve never asked but I often wonder how my brothers and sisters feel, do they feel the same way as I do?  Maybe I feel this way because I don’t live close to them and I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like to.


Book review: Origin by J.A. Konrath


This is one of Konrath first novels and it’s only available on the internet because he was never able to get it published. I find that to be a little surprising because it was a pretty good read and it would make a very scary movie.

Bub, the devil, the villan of the book was so creepy. His lines and the way he says them, it’s enough to give you nightmares.

I love that there is more than one hero because any less is just unbelievable. It would take more than one person to pull this off and here there are three. Andy, Frank, and Sun and they all use their education and past experiences to kick the devil’s a**.

The only negatives I could point out are the drawn out DNA discussions. I just don’t enjoy reading that hard-core science other than that I’m looking forward to starting my next Konrath book. My only problem now is deciding which one.

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Book review: Shotgun Gravy by Chuck Wendig

Shotgun Gravy by Chuck Wendig

Truthfully it was the cover art that caught my attention on this, a redhead with a gun, come on, it was right up my alley. I just had to see what it was about and of course it was free and had over 4 stars so I bit.

Sure glad I did. I started, thinking I would just read a little and see what it was about then go do some stuff around the house, hell no, I was in and I couldn’t put it down. I sat until it was done and can’t wait to see what happens to Atlanta next.

Raw, gritty, with just the right about of mystery to keep you flipping or clicking or whatever you what to call it when you turn an e-book page. Really great read, focusing on the unfortunate but undeniable things that our teenagers have to deal with on a daily basis.

The author captures the teenage voice so well it’s comical to me, it so reminded me of being that age. I can hear myself saying some of the same things in that, “You don’t get it, you’re too old” voice that comes with being a teenager.

Looking forward to Bait Dog… the next story.