Electronic or paper?

What’s your flavor?

To those that have tried ebooks, how do you feel about them?

Honestly I do not prefer an e-book over paper. If given the option, I would pick the paper every time. I like the smell and the feel of paper books be it paperback or hardcover. I also like being able to see what other people are reading, nosy, I guess.

That brings up this disadvantage as I see it, others may see it as an advantage, to an e readers. You can’t tell what someone is reading when they are on their readers. So you are either left to wonder or to ask… So whatya readin? Maybe I should actually be looking at that as an advantage and as an opportunity to strike up new conversations with people, something I am not likely to do these days.

Now there are it’s obvious storage advantages, so many, many books all at my finger tips or rather my stylus tip. This is so much more tidy than having big pile of books hanging around my already cluttered house.

Another plus for my reader is that I actually read more because of it, not sure why but I do.

So you tell me what’s your flavor and why?


2 comments on “Electronic or paper?

  1. Just like online social networking–something I never said I’d do and now do–I thought I would never go “ebook”. But I have to admit, after downloading many books to my IPad Kindle, I have become a converter. I still read paper books–I will never lose my love for them–but the volume I can fit on my IPad (great for trips) and the fact I can pop it up on my treadmill ledge and free my arms when walking has sold me. Not to mention, I can pick up where I left off using my Iphone Kindle app if I’m stuck waiting somewhere, for example, the doctor’s office.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed looking through yours!

    • I have fallen in love with my Fire, it does so much. But now that I can, I am downloading tons of free books. Guess it’s good that they have so many too offer, I have yet to pay for one and I just loaned one to my sister too. That’s pretty neat. I still prefer paper but technology is pretty cool.

      Thanks for stopping by, I enjoyed your blog and good luck on the book.

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