New wordpress app for Fire

The new WordPress app for android devices available in the app store works great for the Kindle Fire.  I was able to put both of my sites in and I’m able to write this post.  So far it looks like it is much easier than doing it through the site on the Fire, which is how I did it before.
When posting through the site page I would run out of room in the writing box, the text would run past the view box.  I was unable to edit because I could no longer see the text I was typing.  It was frustrating at times and I had to wait unit I got back to my desktop to finish my post. The view box on this app for WordPress is huge and when you move to the bottom it cycles just like a word program.
Putting in a picture or video is quick and easy.  The link is simple and it lets you grab your pics from your Fire and pop them into your post for others to enjoy.
Putting a link in works the same way and is just as simple.
The read part of the app is really neat. It puts all of the wonderful blogs I follow onto one page a lot like Pulse. I’m really digging it.
If you have a Fire and WordPress, get the app they work great together.


3 comments on “New wordpress app for Fire

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  2. I will go if it still free. I would like to read it.

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