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Book review: Pencils Make Good Darts by Dan Balman

Pencils Make Good Darts



This book is a collection of 19 non-fiction short stories. It is a very quick read, only a little over 100 pages in length. There are only a few of these stories worth mentioning: Whale met again, Hairs the problem, and Staring at the sun. These first two stories of the book were hilarious, middle-aged humor, that had me hoping the whole book would be more of the same but unfortunately these, in my opinion are the best stories and the others are a bit lacking.  Whale met again is about the authors battle with the septic tank and it brought tears to my eyes it was so funny. Staring at the sun, while not in the same category as these first two, was still a very enjoyable story about raising an adolescent girl.

This e-book was free from Amazon.  I would be interested in reading something else from this author.


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