So I just read and posted this quote on Facebook: “You are remembered for the rules you break.”-
Douglas MacArthur.

Well I just had to say that I so agree with this quote.  You should live your life coloring outside the lines.  Finding new and better ways to do things.  Don’t just take someones word that “that’s the way it’s always been done”… well so what… that doesn’t make it the only way it can be done.  Adapt, change, grow, or become extinct.  And stay open-minded to others that are breaking the rules and coloring outside the lines… Do you think all the great leaders, inventors, artist and writers were following someone else’s rules when they became what we remember them for today?….

I am not a clone… you are not a clone.  Let’s rock our individuality and break the rules and color the whole damn place any color we like.


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