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About me

Where did I get the name from?…and who am I?…

Beebles is my childhood nickname given to me by my family (thanks family).

I am 32 going on 33.

My beautiful red hair is not so slowly being overtaken by evil wiry stark white… (can you even call these things hairs?)

I grew up in Western Kentucky, the youngest of many.

I met my husband on an internet dating site back when it was taboo, (yes, I am sure that my family was just thrilled with this event but it turned out great) and I packed up and moved to Southern Illinois (because that’s where he lived). I’ve been stuck here in this little hick town ever since (sigh).  (Okay it’s a network of a bunch of small towns… to be fair.)

I’ve been doing a fair amount a reading lately and I thought I would share what I thought about what I was reading. And I of course have thoughts about other things too so I’ll be sharing those too so here I go….


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