So I just read and posted this quote on Facebook: “You are remembered for the rules you break.”- Douglas MacArthur. Well I just had to say that I so agree with this quote.  You should live your life coloring outside the lines.  Finding new and better ways to do things.  Don’t just take someones word that […]

Book review: Pencils Make Good Darts by Dan Balman

    This book is a collection of 19 non-fiction short stories. It is a very quick read, only a little over 100 pages in length. There are only a few of these stories worth mentioning: Whale met again, Hairs the problem, and Staring at the sun. These first two stories of the book were […]

New wordpress app for Fire

The new WordPress app for android devices available in the app store works great for the Kindle Fire.  I was able to put both of my sites in and I’m able to write this post.  So far it looks like it is much easier than doing it through the site on the Fire, which is […]

Book review: Shot of Tequila by J. A. Konrath

Shot of Tequila is the novel where Jack Daniels the Chicago detective makes her first appearance but she is not the star of this book.  This one is all about Tequila. Not giving anything away, he makes choices in his life based on the fact that he has to care of his older handicapped sister so he does a tour for […]

I don’t like it

My parents are getting older and I don’t like it.  I didn’t realize how scary it was going to be when it happened to me.  My father had a scheduled triple bypass that turned into a quadrupedal bypass in December and then just as my father gets back on his feet my mother falls and breaks her […]

Book review: Origin by J.A. Konrath

This is one of Konrath first novels and it’s only available on the internet because he was never able to get it published. I find that to be a little surprising because it was a pretty good read and it would make a very scary movie. Bub, the devil, the villan of the book was […]

Book review: Shotgun Gravy by Chuck Wendig

Truthfully it was the cover art that caught my attention on this, a redhead with a gun, come on, it was right up my alley. I just had to see what it was about and of course it was free and had over 4 stars so I bit. Sure glad I did. I started, thinking […]