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Book review: Chasing Rainbows by Kathleen Long

Chasing Rainbows by Kathleen Long

This is a wonderful story about a woman finding the strength and courage to get off her ass and change her life by excepting the things she can not change and changing those she can. This author was able to put me right there in the main character’s shoes, feeling all of her highs and lows. I cried, I wept, I laughed, I giggled, a gasped.

I was so very thankful that I got this on my Kindle because it is a page turner. Those of you with Kindles know that when you get to the end of a chapter you can just click the power button and go about those mundane but necessary tasks of life. I had to do that with this book because if I turned the page the next chapter I had to read it.


Electronic or paper?

What’s your flavor?

To those that have tried ebooks, how do you feel about them?

Honestly I do not prefer an e-book over paper. If given the option, I would pick the paper every time. I like the smell and the feel of paper books be it paperback or hardcover. I also like being able to see what other people are reading, nosy, I guess.

That brings up this disadvantage as I see it, others may see it as an advantage, to an e readers. You can’t tell what someone is reading when they are on their readers. So you are either left to wonder or to ask… So whatya readin? Maybe I should actually be looking at that as an advantage and as an opportunity to strike up new conversations with people, something I am not likely to do these days.

Now there are it’s obvious storage advantages, so many, many books all at my finger tips or rather my stylus tip. This is so much more tidy than having big pile of books hanging around my already cluttered house.

Another plus for my reader is that I actually read more because of it, not sure why but I do.

So you tell me what’s your flavor and why?

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Apps for my new love

Now that I’ve had my Fire for a while I feel inclined to share my favorite apps.

Words with Friends has to be the best down-time app: it’s just scrabble but it’s fun. Even if you don’t have a “friend” to play with at the time you can get a random opponent.

Pandora which is great on the Fire or the computer.

Tasks N Todo is one that I have for making reminders of things that I have to do like make a phone call or birthday reminders.

ColorNote is good for making longer list like for the grocery.

Calorie Counter is great if you want to keep track of those pesky things.

KeepTrack Pro keeps track of anything you want it too, you just put in the variables and it tracks the information for you.

Let me know if you have an app you love.

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Book review: Big Girl by Danielle Steel

Big Girl by Danielle Steel

I found that I was really able to relate to the main character, Victoria, because she was young and trying to find herself while struggling with life issues and weight. I didn’t have the family life that she did but with the author’s help I was easy to imagine myself in her “unloved” shoes.

The book is very well written and has good flow but had some added characters that I felt were unneeded. For instance, Victoria deals with a student that gets pregnant at the school where she is working and this whole relationship to me is just stuffing. It was put it to add to Victoria’s good characteristics but it’s unnecessary.


Book review: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

It was hard for me to get into this book for the first few chapters; I would read a little then put it down. To me, this was a book about the circus or so I thought and the circus is where you went when you were a kid. Then I found out I was wrong and it all changed and the book became an appendage. I couldn’t I put it down. I was reading it every opportunity I had and carrying it around with me everywhere.

I fell in love with Rosie and I was cheering for Marlena and Jacob. The character descriptions are vivid and the story is gripping and wonderful. Everyone should read this book.

As for the movie, I know they have time restraints but they left out so many amazing parts of the book. The book is 10 times better than the movie.

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Book review: The List by J.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn

The List by J.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn

I downloaded and read this book for free on my Fire through Amazon’s Lending program. This was my first time reading this author and I found that it flowed very well and I loved the character descriptions.

This book brought tears to my eyes, I was laughing so hard at the characters and the situations that they get into. Then when I got close to the end I slowed down, I didn’t want the book to end.

While I did enjoy the book and I do recommend. it, you must maintain an open mind to some of the science in the book.

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My affair with Fire

I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas 2011 and it didn’t take more than a day for my affair with it to begin. The apps, the books, the instant gratification of it all.

I am in love with this device, so much so I should name it.